Spiedkiks – Rooftop Hacky Sack

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Spiedkiks – Rooftop Hacky Sack

Breaking three years of silence, Spiedkiks returns with their third full length studio album Rooftop Hacky Sack on rec72. As with their previous albums, the duo has gathered a bunch of friends to add their musical talents to the mix.

Rooftop Hacky Sack touches many styles such as breaks, big beat and hip hop. It´s adventurous, funny and challenging – and full of sounds to discover. The entire album covers 17 songs with a total playtime of 44 minutes. Enjoy also their comprehensive and artistic booklet of 30 pages.

So this time we recorded on and off between 2014 and 2016 in living rooms, basements, bathrooms and studios in Cologne and Stuttgart, using a computer and a SM57 mic. You can find the slowest, fastest and shortest track we ever made, the first tracks without drums we’ve ever made, an abruptly stopping track, our first track in three-quarter time and much more. What we finally had in mind was just “Do your thing”, as simple as that.

(Spiedkiks, February 2017)

Tracklist Rooftop Hacky Sack

1. Dust Off The Record
2. Loop Brother
3. Do Your Thing
4. Bee Sting
5. Xcoffee
6. The Spam Song
7. Naked in School
8. Yo Babe
9. Trippinя
10. Do it Again
11. Insular Nerdnik
12. Violaяs Garden
13. The Final Duel
14. Chitchat
15. Ur Nme Was
16. Same Shit Different Flies
17. Gute Nacht

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  1. netwaves
    11 April, 2017

    impressive album full of chunky, funky chemical-beat-pop!
    recommanded by netwaves 🙂

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