Pandacetamol – Natural Causes

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Pandacetamol – Natural Causes

With Natural Causes we celebrate Pandacetamol’s ninth release. Their current album contains 11 songs and delivers a tasty brew of acid ambient analogue doodlings and a music clip, too.

Constant drifting…noisy silence…depth perceptions…bearable longing…plaintive repeats…accidental insight…Natural Causes. Buzzing rhythm flies through a cloud of bittersweet analogue – Pandacetamol have found their dead wasp within.

(Pandacetamol, January 2016)

Tracklist Natural Causes

1. Must Play Dead
2. Wasp on the Window
3. Reverie
4. I Marimba You (clang mix)
5. Macular Regeneration
6. Ascent
7. Mostly Natural Causes
8. Jumperama (Closed)
9. Ko Ko San
10. Serene Cement
11. Twice As Bright

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