Small Colin – Changing Methods

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Small Colin – Changing Methods

No taboos, no denials, no knockbacks. Everything was allowed. Even mistakes. Things were thrown around, things were tidied. All manner of objects were used till they gave up. Strings were changed only when they got so dirty they sounded like old pineapple tins. Cables were put into holes they should never even be close too, never mind, in. You get the idea. This time around things were done differently.

(Small Colin, August 2015)

On Changing Methods, Small Colin reinvents all musical genres, he has touched in his albums and eps over the past years. The most beautiful synth lines and dreamful melodies are gathered around intelligent drum pops. Those songs that come with vocals, are the ones you want to sing over and over again!

Changing Methods is Small Colin’s sixth release on our label. We are pretty happy to have such a creative artist in our crew for such a long time. Listen and download his present album, for free. Also read his biography and release text in the download package.

Tracklist Changing Methods

1. Chi Chi Chips
2. Not Proven
3. Machine Waves
4. Alpha Number II
5. Ducks In March
6. Organix In Operation
7. Istanbul Saturday
8. Greydar
9. Vocal Stats
10. You & I Will Be

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  1. Heavy Rotation – six umbrellas
    2 September, 2015

    […] Changing Methods nennt Colin sein neuestes Album und will damit andeuten, dass er seinen Schaffensprozess mal wieder neuen Regeln unterworfen hat, in diesem konkreten Fall genau gar keinen. Ist natürlich irgendwie albern, weil er dann gleich seinen Künstlernamen in Changing Methods umbenennen müsste, denn er ändert seine Methoden mit jedem neuen Release. Aber eigentlich will ich seine Methoden gar nicht in Frage stellen, denn herausgekommen ist ein sehr stimmiges aber gleichzeitig auch verspieltes und – wenn man so sagen kann – befreites Album. Es erinnert mich ein wenig an die frühen Ambient-Tracks aus den späten 90ern, aber das kann an mir liegen. Hört selbst mal rein, was übrigens überhaupt kein Problem ist, weil es wie immer unter Creative Commons veröffentlicht wurde und deswegen für euch alle kostenlos ist. […]

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