Radio Scotvoid – SLOW

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Radio Scotvoid – SLOW

2015, the year of SLOW by Radio Scotvoid.This album is new but old. Old tracks for me but new tracks to you.

It’s called Slow but it’s not. It’s noisy, it’s beautiful, it’s brash, its sweet, it’s brilliant and crap all at the same time. It’s rammed to the teeth with internet drum-machines recorded on phones inside tents. There are drones and custard cream biscuits found in an old cupboard back in 2009.

What’s possibly worth mentioning is that the tracks were selected by a boating enthusiast called Marco, whilst he hitchhiked around the southern French Alps wearing nothing more than a t-shirt that said simply,

‘I have been given access to vaults’

Take care whilst enjoying this long player. Wear a safety helmet. Preferably a yellow one.

(Colin Sweeney, April 2015)

SLOW album derives from the longtime partnership between Radio Scotvoid and rec72 Netlabel: His debut on rec72 is a full length release featuring some overdriven out-takes (that never made the cut for all three of the Radio Scotvoid ep’s he released through Shaun Blezard at Earth Monkey Productions circa 2009).

Sample credit on No The Noo goes to Lewis/Tomblin. (The original Jellies) – Radio Scotvoid Productions/rec72 2015

Tracklist SLOW

01. Vamp For Pie
02. Shoot The Moon
03. Dino Dog
04. Munroe
05. Snowed In
06. Chipfunk
07. Planet Base
08. No The Noo

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