Small Radio – LM3 Remixes

Small Radio – LM3 Remixes

Rebel remixers of the world combined their forces and joined the boys of Small Radio to present this album of Le Migre #3 re-edits. This band of scum have ripped, shredded, destroyed, teased, tickled, pulled, pushed and pumped together 11 tracks of unholy goodness. There’s something here for everyone and probably a little more.

The artists represented on LM3 Remixes are: Adi Carter, Ali BergerA thousand vows, KáriNecro Claptonnisei23Pandacetamol7th GearSix Umbrellas, Sun Rad and ZeMauno.

Tracklist LM3 Remixes

01. HD Eve (ATV Rmx)
02. Rubber Dolly (Kári Rmx)
03. Rubber Dolly (Adrian Carter’s Rmx)
04. Save it (Six Umbrella’s Rmx)
05. HD Eve (ZeMauno Rmx)
06. Rubber Dolly (Robotsexmix)
07. Rubber Dolly (Rebbur Rmx)
08. HD Eve (nisei23 Rmx)
09. Rubber Dolly (Cult Affliction Rmx)
10. Rubber Dolly (Ali_Berger’s Lens Flare)
11. Rubber Dolly (Sun Rad Rmx)

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