Small Radio – Le Migre #3

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Small Radio – Le Migre #3

Le Migre 3 by  Small Radio is here! Since the last time we met the collaborative project by Scott Buchanan aka. Radio Scotvoid and Colin Sweeney aka. Small Colin almost four years have past. As you know the history of the Le Migre (1 + 2), the two Scotsmen still live a continent apart and decided to continue with the theme of sending audio scraps, snippets and morsels to each other via post, email and carrier pigeon.

We can but only hope they’ll be popular in France. Merci mes amis, it’s Le Migre 3!

With Le Migre 3 we receive four brand new songs for public consumption, touching the genres dreampop, skweee and psychotronic.

Tracklist Le Migre 3

01. HD Eve
02. Rubber Dolly
03. Save It
04. Trim

Download Le Migre #3

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