Spiedkiks – Little Smartphone People

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Spiedkiks – Little Smartphone People

Spiedkiks did it again! On their second album Little Smartphone People, the German duo gathered Big Beat, Breaks, Funk and Hip Hop. The variety in genres is due to the many guest musicians that met on Spiedkiks present album. It’s the great mix of analogue and electronic music (i.e. Moog, Trombone, Violin, Turntables) plus heavy vocals and drums that Spiedkiks combined alongside with Johannes Hehrmann , Justus Heher, Dominik Berlin, Mr. Goodbar,  Kurt from Suso, Shazalakazoo and Jero Castella. The entire album covers 16 songs and 56 minutes.

In the first place, we planned to release a downtempo album, but skipped that idea pretty fast. It took us five months and we worked in three different studios, in order to put our final touches on Little Smartphone People. (Spiedkiks, 2014)

Tracklist Little Smartphone People

01. Disco Bunny
02. Move The Head
03. Watch Ur Behavior
04. Sundowner
05. One Hot Finger Lickin Minute
06. Little Smartphone People
07. A Man Is Just A Man
08. Selfie @ The Zoo
09. Until They Kick Us Outside
10. Who Is Bill Carson
11. Say It!
12. Freckles & Hairslides
13. I Know U Know Why
14. Helicopter
15. Granted
16. Mos Eisley Cantina

Download Little Smartphone People

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  1. The CerebralRift
    25 March, 2014

    Spiedkiks On The (Smart) Phone

    ….this is a really excellent release.
    The detail in each track, the freshness of everything, the arrangements and mixing, everything is really quite well done. And, lots of credit should be given to the collaborators on this release. It’s obvious they put in their time working to make this recording as excellent as did Spiedkiks themselves.
    So, this definitely gets a major recommendation from me.

    FULL Review:

  2. rec72
    25 March, 2014

    Thanks George for your excellent review on Spiedkiks’ current release! Another pithy one. Cheers from Cologne.

    8 April, 2014

    OFFICIAL VIDEO from new Album
    W A T C H

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