Small Colin – Mono Box

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Small Colin – Mono Box

Can you imagine that a single instrument can influence the processing of an entire release?

Some rumours say, a monophonic synthesizer from France was the starting point for Small Colin to go different ways in producing his new Mono Box Ep. The DIY instrument which he bought a year ago, drove him to turn off the sequencing and he started recording all music live. All ears on Mono Box, in order to find out how Indietronica, Shoegazer, Downtempo and Dreampop landed on it.

When I was writing the music, all the synth and drum sounds were recorded live with no midi sequencing.  So I decided to record more guitars than usual to continue on with that “live” route.  I was also listening to more alternative rock/ indie type music at that time so that influenced me a lot. (Small Colin, 2014)

Tracklist Mono Box

01. Old Sounds
02. Cymbals Crash & Burn
03. Batteries In Boxes
04. Warmed Up
05. Back from Århus
06. Mono Crash

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