deef – Genealogy of a humble BeatMeister

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deef – Genealogy of a humble BeatMeister

Needless to say that Hip Hop has been influencing deef and his Beatmachkunst for many many years and he’s lucky to return to those beats and breaks at anytime. deef’s album Genealogy of a humble BeatMeister  is not only an hommage to Hip Hop, but a true retrospection on his artwork – and it’s his fifth album on rec72, too.

When looking to the title of each song – also when you listen closely – you’ll be witnessing that deef’s beat structure is turning from abstract Hip Hop clichés to an organic, complex and personalized manifesto of the same genre.  At the very end of Genealogy’s branches you’ll find a sonic game between lessons learned and how to preciously control the music to suit deef’s taste. Genealogy of a humble Beatmeister is a step-by-step reflection of deef’s producing in the past five years.

The entire music on his current album came to existence through analogue and digital synthesis, sampling and analogue filtering – a fine granular processing. The album gives an introspective into deef’s living and confirms the musical and personal morphogenesis from abstraction to intimacy. The cover for example is another proof, as it depicts his girl friend Anne with his cat Mauzl. The late one has been missing for over one  year in the streets of Vienna, but has returned safe and sound to her humble BeatMeister.

Tracklist Genealogy of a humble BeatMeister

01. vintage chillbeat anno 2010 and deconstruction
02. abstract beat excursion anno 2011
03. nice sample on awkward beat anno 2010
04. bought an old 12string anno 2009
05. where does the groove end and a little rnb is always good anno 2012
06. this classic in the face beat anno 2010
07. improvisation turned out as a lullaby cliché skit anno 2010
08. dramatic but never too serious – initializing fractalization anno 2013
09. proceeding liquid fractal phase – forms start to dissolve but emotions shall remain anno 2013

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