nisei23 – elevenandtwelve

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nisei23 – elevenandtwelve

Nisei23’s recent album was born as a MIDI experiment 3 years ago. It’s his second full length release on rec72 and it’s worth that while! Because you’ll see drones and gravity’s rainbow after listening elevenandtwelve, that wild electronic shoe-gazer star. Most of the playing –  synths, pianos, guitars – has been improvised on an iPhone, recorded simultaneously on a computer and edited afterwards. nisei23’s album contains thirteen titles (+5o minutes).

Tokyo Song was the only song from the elevenandtwleve sessions [when Soft Shapes album come to existence] that seemed to fit with the new songs I was creating. So I decided to use that title as reference to this new way of working that I had developed. Also the majority of the song were recorded or composed in 2011 and 2012 so it seemed to fit.

Tracklist elevenandtwelve album

01. Double Helix
02. The Return
03. Cut Out
04. Animus Anima
05. Pale Imitation
06. 303
07. Gymnopedie 2
08. Full of Holes
09. Leviathan 2
10. Tokyo Song
11. Suspiria
12. The Departure
13. Thirteen

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  2. Mathias
    12 June, 2013

    Luft. Ich denke an Luft. Herrlich. Ich muss dieses Album im Garten hören!

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  4. tate harmer
    15 June, 2013

    elevenandtwelve, love the tubular sounds, acoustic melodies, and roving guitars along with the loops and samples. great new melodies. PROMOTE!

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