lukeing forward – Wandering in Urban Fog

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lukeing forward – Wandering in Urban Fog

For those of you seeking in music a truly adamant verve, multiphase merging, illustrative downbeat, gloomy dubstep or unique unexpected experimental music; will find contemplation in listening to lukeing forward’s debut album “Wandering in Urban Fog”.
This album has various genres and moods to offer: deep, dark dubstep, ambient nujazz , IDM and cineastic soundscapes. “Wandering in Urban Fog” contains nine fresh-from-the-oven tracks that have been carefully developped in his home studio over the last month.

Excerpt Wandering in Urban Fog
Insane Landing
Feel the Motion of the Air
Kept in Unlocked Prison

Download the entire album “Wandering in Urban Fog” for free

including cover art design by Daniel Green from Devious Creations and press text as well.


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