Bitbasic – Meek

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Bitbasic – Meek

On Meek album Simon Haycock aka. Bitbasic once again jazzes up Glitch and juggles with IDM. For the first time he addresses Future Garage alongside folky and foresty Electronica to the audience. His third album on rec72 is manifesting his straight forward distinctiveness with 11 songs for free download. Thanks to David Drake for designing the iconic cover art.

With Bitbasic’s Meek album, we are also celebrating the 50th release in our label history!

Tracklist Meek

01. Superb Owl
02. Fantasy Pretzel
03. Stealth Elk
04. It Shtill Worksh
05. Alpha Dromayo
06. Halfway Hut
07. Sledge To Safety
08. Your Unnecessary Flombe
09. (Have A) Nice Time
10. Be Careful, I Stood On It Too
11. Sparkles The Wizard

Download Meek

Meek album was origanally produced for the RPM Challenge 2012 (35min or 10 songs) in which Bitbasic took part. This time, he set a few different rules:

I was not allowed to commit anything to a timeline, and had to play the whole album by triggering clips in Ableton using my monome, playing live keyboard, and applying midi automation on the fly with sliders. This gives the album much more of a live feel, and was refreshing to get away from the typical DAW timeline.

Only “Halway Hut” was added for the current album. All music has been recorded to2-track tape over the course of one long and exhausting day. The tape was digitised later on, unedited as it gives the album it’s characteristic ruggedness, and constant warmth, Bitbasic describes.

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  1. yan_g
    11 October, 2012

    now d/l/ing… 🙂

  2. yan_g
    11 October, 2012

    Great release! Thanks!

  3. rec72
    11 October, 2012

    Thanks Yann – Glad you like the album!

  4. silencide
    12 October, 2012

    Very nice … as usual

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  12. yan_g
    21 December, 2012

    In my top 10 albums of 2012 (free & commercial included)!

  13. rec72
    30 December, 2012

    Glad you picked Bitbasic’s album, Yan 🙂

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