Pandacetamol – Fluffy Inside Part 2

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Pandacetamol – Fluffy Inside Part 2

Pandacetamol’s love of acid continues through this second instalment of Fluffy Inside. Interweaving psychedelic synth-lines will invade your brain and leave you scorched but satisfied.  Expect a deep and heady journey. Fluffy Inside Part 2 is the fifth album release by Pandacetamol!

Tracklist Fluffy Inside Part 2

01. Velvet Pocket
02. Show Sweet You
03. Elaines Over Here
04. Rather Jack
05. CLT08
06. Plastic Tantra
07. Sublimal Prawn
08. Closing In
09. Bungled
10. Fluffier Inside

Download Fluffy Inside Part 2

Fluffy Inside Part 2 is the follow up of the famous abstract funkiness of “Fluffy Inside”. Don’t forget to download Fluffy Inside (Part 1), too!


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