yan_g – EP 4

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yan_g – EP 4

EP 4 by yan_g is considered to be a classy extended player which is full of sophisticated IDM from France! With EP 4 we celebrate yan_g’s second release on rec72 netlabel. yan_g in his own words: “… I try to sculpt stars with the high frequencies, above a beautiful landscape made of bass and mids. Bright details that sparkle in your ear. This is what I can think of as I analyse my music and creation process…”
The colourful and gloomy cover artwork has been produced by long time label designer Daniel Green.

Tracklist EP 4

unt039, part 1
unt039, part 3
unt039, part 3
unt039, part 4

Download EP 4

Licensed under Creative Commons by-sa 3.0 de


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