Pandacetamol – Crestfallen

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Pandacetamol – Crestfallen

10 tracks of sinister but funky Electronica. Expect some morphing and terrifying acid doodlings on Pandacetamol’s current album! “Crestfallen” is the fourth release by Scottish Duo Pandacetamol on rec72. We love to spread those haunted Klangwelten by Pandacetamol!

Tracklist Crestfallen album

1. Touch Too Much 2. A Stitch In Brine 3. Meat On The Bones 4. Crestfallen 5. Forgetful Viper 6. Chief Itchy Snitch 7. Spamgate 8. Drop The Rusty Sparkle 9. Hole In The Box 10. Processing Threats

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  1. CC-Release: Pandacetamol – Crestfallen › Progolog
    1 May, 2012

    […] und Laden. Diesen, sowie den Rest des cc-lizensierten Release (CC-by-SA) kriegt ihr drüben im Label-Blog von rec72.Pandacetamol – Crestfallen @ Soundcloud -> DownloadEin erstes Video zum Track […]

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