Pandacetamol – Mind Murder Parts I-VI

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Pandacetamol – Mind Murder Parts I-VI

Mind Murder Parts I-VI is the feary soundscape by long time label mates Pandacetamol. Dive into a trippy and psychedelic world where your friend becomes an alien and noise takes sinister shapes!

Mind Murder Parts I-VI by Pandacetamol is considered to be a horror overture with a complete length of 30 minutes. It’s Pandacetamol’s third full album release on rec72.

Mind Murder Parts I-VI

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In addition to the release akustikfilm has produced two overwhelming audio-visuals.

Part 1

Part 2

What’s your Mind Murder Experience?

If you ever experienced a Mind Murder causing horror and paranoid emotions why don’t you participate in our side project and tell us about?.

What is your Mind Murder Experience?

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