Small Radio – Le Migre EP

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Small Radio – Le Migre EP

Le Migre
EP gives an 17 minutes long acoustic drive-through the universe of Small Radio; one will immediately recognize that there is an entire album hidden in this release. Le Migre is a dense package of multi-genre-crossing music and one won’t get rid off guitars on that debut EP, too! If you are into smart Electronica adapting the sound from two guitar heroes, than go ahead with those four tracks on Le Migre EP by Small Radio:

On „Ashtray“ electronic rooted dub gets delayed with intelligent drum patterns plus Jeff Murray’s sweeping guitar solos – thanks for this one Jeff! Convince yourself by entering the „2K Summer House“ which is dominated by tough forward / backward guitar riffs and loops by Colin combined with Scott’s heavy Big Beat machinery here! „By any means“ we are already talking about track number #3 of Le Migre: Buzzing bass lines – last heard in some 80’s video games – are fighting some snare wars with Mister Tambourine Man. Sorry, we are almost through Le Migre and „I Am Ricky Richardo“ will tell you a thrilling story about his career as vice detective Miami Magnum. Some people heard „horses’ hooves in there as well“.

Tracklist Le Migre

01. Ashtray
02. 2K Summer House
03. By Any Means
04. I am Ricky Richardo

Download Le Migre EP

Small Radio is a collaborative project by Scott Buchanan aka. Radio Scotvoid and Colin Sweeney aka. Small Colin, two Scotsmen being abroad from Scotland. One is living in the U.S.; the other one in Sweden. The songs on Le Migre EP have been produced over the last two years. Scott did two tracks, and so did Colin; then each of them enhanced it with his own style and precision. You can read about their musical odyssee and the ups and down while getting the show on the road in Colin’s annotations on the project Small Radio:

After a short period of general apathy we began in earnest what was to become ”Le Migre”. A few riffs and parts were sent back an forth, (just to test the water you know?). Then an literal eon went past before the lads in question decided, ”wait a damn minute………this shit ain’t too bad after all”.This is where the magic started to happen. Small Colin played some melody. Radio Scotvoid messed up some beats.

Hell, some random named Jeff ”12 string” Murray even added some guitar. This process was bounced across the Atlantic a few times (at least) in the next few months until both of these former Bravehearts were happy. To be honest we weren’t but like the legend that is Mr G. Lucas said, ”projects are only abandoned, never completed”.

At this point the lads decided enough is enough. The cry was heard over continents, or at least Facebook. So it brings us to today. Four tracks are presented and fifteen-thousand tracks were neglected. Although many an artist knows, that’s how it goes in this game. Radio Scotvoid & Small Colin proudly announce their first collaboration as Small Radio and their Le Migre EP.

Artists’ websites
Small Radio

Radio Scotvoid
Small Colin
Jeff Murray

Please read also the advanced review on Le Migre EP by Adrian Carter (From Under The Radar).


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  3. Pixieguts
    3 August, 2009

    This EP is very cool. Smoothly integrated collaboration between the two artists, wonderfully relaxed vibe, intricate funky beats, sweet as!!

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  5. Scott Buchanan
    16 October, 2009

    thank you for all your hard work!
    from Scotland and beyond…

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