Special Electric – Kurobear

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Special Electric – Kurobear

With Special Electric we celebrate the forth full length album by Kurobear being released on rec72 netlabel! His new album Special Electric includes 10 tracks that basically covers Deep Dub House as it’s best; but also brings on some playful IDM and Drill’N’Bass at the same time. If you don’t want to be a lame duck you shouldn’t miss the catchy Special Electric album; as it makes you move your lazy head and bones. PLUS: Watch the music video to the track Compression Torture.

Tracklist Special Electric

01. Hello, Baby (mix for matador)
02. Okie Dokie
03. Compression Torture
04. S’il vous plait
05. Whistle Tone
06. Circle square
07. 76
08. Kemist.5
09. Without Love
10. Alfreds Alarm

Download Special Electric

Kurobear (formally known as Kid Kaustic) is a long time crew member of rec72 netlabel since we started our mission back in 2007.

Kurobear GravatarHis current release is a double package featuring Special Electric and Rare Traxx . Rare Traxx is a bonus album which he composed under his old alias Kid Kaustic through the years 2006 – 2008.  These tracks and demos on Rare Traxx; Kurobear has unearthed from his vault for a friends video game project that never came to fruition, and for his own personal experimentation:

“The reason I’ve decided to release these tracks now is because I wanted to give something back to my fans and all the people that have supported me through the years, rec72, the Creative Commons, all of you are excellent people, and I have no idea where I’d be without you guys. And even though these tracks aren’t of the “greatest” quality, I wanna show you guys how much you mean to me. Also it should be known that these tracks were recorded under the “kid caustic” name, except the ones from 2007/2006, I dont think I even recorded those under any name, since nobody was really supposed to hear them except for me and some of my close personal friends. There is no tracklist, listen to them in any order you choose.” (Kurobear, 2010)


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