akustikfilm – Neuron Fire

Posted on Feb 1, 2008 in akustikfilm | One Comment

The new single Neuron Fire by akustikfilm has just been launched. Neuron Fire is af’s first release for 2008. Expect a classic akustikfilm downtempo beat; the track contains a sample from neurobiologist Christof Koch and appears courtesy of Glenn Zucman’s Strange Angels Podcast. Thanks Glenn for your authority!

And don’t forget to visit af’s website which has been redesigned and loaded with a dozen of remastered (royalties free) tracks.

1 Comment

  1. christof koch
    20 March, 2010

    […] some of its own. … Christof Koch is neuroscientist whose main interest is consciousness. …akustikfilm + NEW SINGLE Neuron Fire + website redesign …Netlabel from Cologne sharing Creative Commons Music & Visuals: Electronica, Downtempo, IDM, […]

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