Corrupted Loops for Damaged Bots by DJ Orbique

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Corrupted Loops for Damaged Bots by DJ Orbique

Remember the days when the Internet had been occupied by thousands of robots and spiders which gathered all pieces of information resulting in a state of unlimeted music mining in large databases?
F#&? those days are over now and all that remains in the aether are 14 corrupted loops for damaged bots. There is no coherent information available, just corrupted structures in sound which the human listener has to explore and deconstruct himself – without using his beloved widgets and technologies! But with his auditive complex to transcribe DJ Orbique’s codes and tunes.

With “Corrupted Loops for Damaged Bots” rec72 delivers a masterpiece of leftfield Electronica artist Marcin Mis aka. DJ Orbique; one of Poland’s finest music producers and DJs besides longtime crew member lukeing forward. Marcin’s eclectic work combines Illbient, Dub, Breaks and Intelligent Dance Music. Let your mind jump to those tracks and not your feet. The splendid cover art to Orbique’s album has been created by graphic designer Daniel Green from UK based design group Devious Creations.

Excerpt Corrupted Loops for Damaged Bots

love is in 112kbps
everything goes wrong (VIP dirty remix)
gonitwa mysli
war of peace 

Download Corrupted Loops for Damaged Bots

Don’t miss the first video clip available for Orbique’s track “everything goes wrong (VIP dirty remix)”. The clip was produced by UK based VJ Ultra; longtime visual’s producer at rec72.
Watch and download the clip.


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    Recent discover, great stuff! Now d/ling some more…

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